How to Apply Your Decal

Kidz Decor imports and sells quality wall stickers, or decals, for kids.

The decals are plastic, self adhesive, designs that can be stuck on most smooth surface, such as painted walls, cupboards, and even glass. They are completely removable and repositionable. Decals can be applied to any interior smooth surface.

First and foremost we want our customers to be happy with their purchase. However, we are unable to guarantee that the wall stickers will stick to every surface. There are many factors that could influence the application of the stickers, that are out of our control. These include paint type and when it was painted, temperature of the room during application, cleanliness of the surface, type of surface. We have created a list of optimal conditions for application which we would appreciate you read before application.
Ideal conditions for application

1. Best results can be obtained when the room’s air temperature and the surface of the wall range from 18-24 degrees celcius

2. Painted surfaces must have cured for 30 days, and must be painted in acrylic (water-based paint)

3. Surfaces must be cleaned with a solution of 2 tbsp. mild dishwashing detergent to 1 litre warm water. Rinse and dry the wall thoroughly

4. Applying stickers in direct sunlight or in humid rooms may cause them to lift.


How to apply peel & stick vinyl decals

1. Measure your area. Some decals come with many stickers and make up a large picture. Make sure you have enough space for the whole picture.

2. If your stickers are large, we suggest cutting them out first before peeling them off the backing

3. Peel the stickers from the backing paper gradually, carefully sticking them on your surface. Start at the top and smooth downwards.

4. Gently rub with a flat plastic object (credit card, spatular, etc), or your hand, to smooth out any imperfections. 

5. Try not to touch the adhesive, oils on the skin could compromise the stickiness and may result in peeling

6. If you need to remove the sticker, gently lift it up at the edge and slowly peel it off. Or use a hairdryer for stuborn glue.

How to make decals stay on the wall if they start to lift

1. Apply either craft glue (i.e. Pritt) or wallpaper paste to the back of the decal where it is peeling.

2. Smooth the peeled and glued edges of the decals and press them firmly against the wall. Lightly scrape across the surface of the decal -- from the middle to the outside edges -- with a plastic scraper, such as a credit card, to remove air bubbles from underneath the edges of the decal.

3. Clean off the excess adhesive on the wall that was smoothed out from under the decal. Apply firm, even pressure on the peeled edges of the decal until the adhesive has dried completely.

How to apply vinyl decals with application tape
You will need:

• Tape measure or ruler

• Spirit level

• Pencil & eraser

• Sticky tape


1. Remove the vinyl sticker and the application film from the packet and lay them flat. (The application film in some cases may already be applied to the design)

2. Lay the vinyl sticker right side up

3. Remove the back of the application film little by little and lay the application film on the top of the vinyl sticker

4. Smooth down so that all of the vinyl stickers adhere to the application film. You can use your hand or a plastic scraper or card.

5. Measure and mark where you want to place the vinyl sticker

6. Start to remove the back of the vinyl stick slowly, ensuring all the stickers are adhering to the application film

7. Secure the top corners of the application film in position (you can use some sticky tape to make sure they are firmly in position) and rub the vinyl stickers so that they adhere to the surface. 

8. It is recommended that you start sticking at the top and smoothing downwards.

9. Slowly remove the application film, making sure that the vinyl stickers are now stuck to the surface.

10. Keep on smoothing with your hand as you remove the application film.

11. Smooth the vinyl stickers on the wall to make sure they are firmly in position.

Sit back and enjoy!





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