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Flowers and Hearts

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Birds & Flowers Wall Stickers
  Birds & Flowers Wall Stickers - Customisable Design Size of Design: Round flowers and tweeting birds will look lovely in a little girls room. When applied like the image, the design is 1.3m wide and 60cm tall.Tall flowers with twe..
Branch & Flowers Wall Stickers
  Branch & Flowers Wall Stickers - Custom Design This stunning designs will look lovely on a bedroom wall. When applied like the image, the design is approx. 1.3m wide and 60cm tall. If you would like to change the colours or the ..
Bugs and Flowers Border
Bugs border wall sticker - Custom Design This flower and bug border comes in strips of 1.2m wide and there are a total of 3 strips, making a total distance of 3.6 meters. The animal border is 15cm high. This is a custom order and aspects..
Dandelion - Custom Design   This tall dandelion is 1.2m tall, excluding the floating dots. The design comes with separate stickers for the head and stem, and an additonal 20 large dots, and 48 smaller dots. There is also a sticker sho..
Flowers and stems
Flowers and stems - Custom Design This design consists of 20 separate flowers with long stems. The length of the stems are 62cm, 43cm, 33cm, 28cm and 20cm. The flowers are 12cm square. Place them where you wish and finish off a room. You..
Flowers, Bird and Butterflies
  Flowers, Bird and Butterflies Customisable design A bird perched on a beautiful flower, surrounded by other flowers and butterflies. This is a customisable design and aspects such as the colours and size can be changed. If you would like..
Funky Flowers
  Funky Flowers Code: 8322 These funky flowers, without stems can be use on any smooth surface, for either kids or adults. Look great on glass doors Size of Design: Over 10 different sized flowers and a many other funky designs. The ..
R200.00 R100.00
Little girl and heart balloon
  Little girl and heart balloon Code: 8335 A gorgeous wall sticker of a little girl holding a heart shaped balloon in subtle colours. Size of Design: The little girl is over 60cm tall, and is surrounded by smaller balloons, birds and..
R200.00 R100.00
Protea Flower Wall Sticker
  Protea Flower Wall Stickers These gorgeous wall stickers will look beautiful on any wall. You will receive four proteas, two are 68cm tall x 60cm wide and the other two 57cm tall x 58cm wide. You can change the quantity and siz..
White Flower Wall Sticker
  Giant White Flower Wall Stickers These stunning wall stickers will look beautiful on any wall. You will receive three flowers of varying sizes The largest one is 43cm tall and 55cm wide; the next one is 49cm wide and 41cm tall  and ..
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